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excommunication David Leja 01-10-2019
Re: Clean House Paul L. Kozlowski 01-09-2019
Brown Scapular Jan Flaherty 01-09-2019
Rosary during Advent,Christmas, Lent, and Easter Paul Crossland 01-09-2019
Excommunication Charles Maxfield 01-09-2019
Want to know if Father Anthony is still at EWTN I have not seen him officiate a Mass in a long time. Patricia Wilson 01-04-2019
Participation in sin Mike 01-04-2019
Parents' wedding rings LRoy 01-04-2019
Suicide Janet Mennella 01-04-2019
Confession Ron Coffman 01-04-2019
Blessing of food Gena 01-04-2019
Saints Katerzyna 01-04-2019
Using a Rosary app. Sue Jackson 01-04-2019
Epiphany AS 01-04-2019
Toxic hypocrisy! IndianLady 01-04-2019
Evolution Tom Mockler 12-27-2018
Artificial Insemination anonymous 12-27-2018
border wondrin 12-27-2018
Re: Fraternal Correction Annynomous 12-27-2018
Re: Deviant Homosexual Culture Paul 12-27-2018
Rosary Cathy Barre 12-27-2018
In what year did King Herod die? Robert Carr 12-27-2018
Re: Follow-Up Paul 12-27-2018
Titles and meaning Bob 12-17-2018
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